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Our Christmas Letter for 2016

Here we go again with our annual round-up.

Vanessa had a few days away in Scotland, visiting a colleague and attending a hypnotherapy course he was running, then heading up to Fort William for another trip on the Hogwart’s (Jacobite) Express steam train ride, finally ending up with a full day in Edinburgh.

Sarah and Tom had a three week holiday in Australia this year, and we had the joy of looking after Baxter and Buddy.  Also because Tom as a company Accountant gets very busy on end-of-month work, we look after them for a couple of days at the start of each month.

After a year of maternity leave (after Phoebe’s birth) Karen has started a new job and Vanessa now looks after the children for one day a week. In June she tendered for the physiotherapist contract back at the Circus University, but was not successful; however her experience there helped her to win a job with The Royal School of Ballet in Covent Garden, MUCH closer to home and she still gets school holidays - which is really helpful with the children.  She now works a fairly full week and is really enjoying it. It’s the perfect job for her.

Dan’s business appears to be doing well, but he has to spend quite a bit of time away, travelling around the world.

Chris is no longer organist for the Crematorium.  The management decided that, like all other local Crematoria, they would install the automatic, on-line Wesley music system, which meant Funeral Directors would no longer have to provide CDs (which sometimes don’t work!).  However, unlike the other Crematoria, they did not retain a resident organist.

In the spring, Chris earned a bit extra as rehearsal pianist for an operatic group who were preparing for the musical “Annie”.

In early November, Chris became a great-grandfather (makes him feel old!) when Samantha gave birth to a daughter, Demi-Erin.  And in similar vein, Andrew will reach the age of 50 in February.

The new director for The North Downs Consort (our chamber choir) has been a great success.  He is music master at a prestigious public school and has led our last three concerts - all have been fun to sing and apparently good to listen to.  The choir’s singing has definitely improved over the last year, and we have regained a Bass who left under the previous leader. Just before Christmas, many of us went carol singing at London Bridge Station, organised by a charity which provided the collectors - who took away heavy collecting boxes. We enjoyed it, and we believe the commuters did too.

This summer we had our usual week away in Oliver’s caravan in Norfolk for a week, with Bryan and his family joining us for a few days.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Vanessa & Chris

Our Best Wishes for (a better) 2017

Carol soinging at London Bridge Station