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Our Christmas Letter for 2020

What a year!  I think the following sums up the greater part of it (written by Chris).

Thoughts on COVID Lockdown

Time to rest, time to brood,

Time to read if I’m in the mood.

Time to sort out the garage mess;

But where it can go is anyone’s guess.

Tidy the garden, remove the weeds

But where on earth can I get some seeds?

I’d make some cakes - but there’s no flour

Still, that would only pass an hour!

Children at home trying to learn,

Parents at home trying to earn.

Don’t go out, just stay indoors

We can’t even meet our sister-in-laws.

Church was closed, no hymns to sing

Except on Zoom (find them with Bing).

Services cancelled, sports are too.

Protest marches - such a hullabaloo.

Spring concert’s lost, music returned,

So we can’t later use the pieces we’d learned.

What’s on the telly?  Oh, not that again:

There’s nothing worth seeing till after ten.

And then it was easing, but not for me.

I’m one of the “at risk group”, you see.

Don’t want to overeat, don’t want to booze,

So till it’s all over - perhaps we should snooze!

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Vanessa & Chris

Our Best Wishes for 2021

Holly Holly