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Church Vestments

Lenten Array

The Chasuble and Stole set are made in the Lenten Array style. It is the first set that I made after requesting a commission at church. It is designed to make up the full Lenten Array set with the existing altar frontal, super frontal, lectern falls (pictured) and pulpit fall .

The final design is shown below in the finished item. You will notice that there is no crown of thorns with the lashes on the bottom of the stole even though this would have matched the lectern fall more accurately. It just seemed unnecessary.

Chasuble and Dalmatic for Lent, and the Stole

The stole shown is an example of the bell-end style that I offer (see the green set for the chunky-ended style). The choice of style is likely to depend on the decoration required as well as personal preference.

Various possible designs were offered to our Rector based on the existing paraments, and he chose plain red 'Y' orphrey to the front of the Chasuble, with the crown of thorns and nails to the back. The design on the back is rather larger than I had originally intended, and this could be made smaller in a future effort by changing the way I approached adding it.

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Existing set

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