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Birthday Cakes - 1

A cake for a lady who wanted "simple" decoration. The banners are of coloured fondant icing.

A crinoline doll for a little girl's birthday.

A birthday cake for a daughter's boyfriend.

Trystan wanted a birthday cake with a BIG 4 on it.

Daniel wanted something to remind him of Indiana Jones - hence the hat!

Pirate Ship chocolate sponge cake for another young boy.

The cannons are candles.

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Birthday cake for a boy interested in sailing - the dinghy is 3D.

This cake is sugar-free, including most of the decoration: cream was used for the white icing.

I think this speaks for itself.

Special Toy Story cake for a 4-year-old boy called Lucas.

Cake for a young man interested in all kinds of music.

A birthday cake for someone in the building trade.

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