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Cakes for Special Birthdays

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aMyCakes  -  Birthdays  -  Special Birthdays  -  Special Events  -  Christmas  -  Techniques  

A bottle of wine in a basket was requested for Gill’s 60th Birthday.

Birthday cake for an elderly lady.

50th Birthday Cake for a lady who is into operatic singing.

Another 50th Birthday Cake.

This was for a 50th birthday party with an African theme. It had sparklers added at the party instead of candles. The animals are NOT edible.

An 80 years cake for an Irishman.

A simple 21st birthday cake - only fondant icing was used in the decoration.

This cake has sponge on the bottom and fruit cake on the top, to cater for all tastes.

A 21st birthday cake for a party with a Casino Royale theme.

A cake for a 90-year-old Scrabble enthusiast.

30th birthday cake for a member of our family.

70th birthday cake for a cricket fan.