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Cakes for Special Events

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aMyCakes  -  Birthdays  -  Special Birthdays  -  Special Events  -  Christmas  -  Techniques  

Cake for a young girl's first communion.

The top class at daughter's school went to an aquarium as a school-leaving outing: each child's name is on the cake.

An engagement party

cake for our eldest

daughter …

... and the cake for the following wedding. The flower decorations were supplied by the florist.

Sponge Wedding Cake roughly in the shape of the venue: The Clocktower, Croydon.

A cake for Valentine's Day.

A cake for the christening of twins - Michaler and Jordan.

This cake was for a farewell party for the curate.

Cake for a mature student graduating in Psychology.

An engagement cake

for our youngest

daughter …

... and her wedding cake.

The figures on top were made from icing: they wanted their dog to be included. Flowers courtesy of the florist again.

Cake for a golden wedding anniversary.